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krikkit wars.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
krikkit wars.

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we held our breath when the clouds began to form, but you were lost in the beating of the storm. [07 Nov 2010|10:38am]
[ mood | calm ]

i got a lot done on friday. i managed to do my laundry, write 1,339 words in nano, did my reading in my health class - i'm a week early on getting it done, and caught up on some tv that i needed to watch from the week. i still have shows i need to catch up on like boardwalk empire, but i'll do that at some point. i love when i have days off because when i do work i feel exhausted. it's one of those jobs that you have to entertain yourself to keep yourself from being bored so most of your energy goes towards staying awake, keeping occupied or keeping busy so you don't get so bored from it. it's not the greatest job in the world, but at the moment it's a job. they are great with schedules and have good medical insurance. the only reasons i'm staying. i may start looking for something else when i get back from my trip in march because i'm tried of doing everything and keeping that department caught up.

i am excited to attend a school meeting on the 16th to see about studying over seas. i've always wanted to do that, and i think it would be perfect for the major i'm trying for which is international studies. they are doing spain and morocco. i was bummed when i missed the italy sign ups. i've always wanted to go there. though if they had england, i'd be on that in a second. i'll see what the meeting is going to talk about, and things like that.

the weather has been weird as of late. it decided it's going to be june instead of november. it's been in it's 70s but on the weekends it's a little cooler. it's ridiculous. the perfect weather to me is when it's hot, but has a nice breeze to it. not hot to the point you don't want to do anything because it's so warm out.

my mom and i went to borders last night. it was really hard to resist getting a coffee, but i was proud of myself and ordered tea instead. they don't have a lot of choices for non-decaffeinated drinks which is too bad. starbucks has a lot more. i tried their green tea frap and so good. my coworker (kristin) looked at it and was weirded out because it was green.

today i don't have much planned. hopefully write some more on my nano because i love where i ended it. maybe double my words today. catch up on coronation street and vampire diaries. maybe organize my music? who knows. i always end up getting distracted one way or another.

i updated my books, movies, and added cds i've listened to.

ctba. [10 Jul 2010|09:41pm]


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